ArtBuds : Making a Difference

I am so pleased to be featured on this lovely site, in their new “Making a Difference” interview series! ArtBuds is an online gallery and shop which offers a unique selection of contemporary art and educational products created by artists from around the world. The team behind ArtBuds is a passionate art-loving group (an art therapist, an educator, a curator, and an art historian), committed to presenting works and products that nourish a child’s visual and imaginative development. A future goal is to create a foundation that offers art mentoring programs for kids and teens, as well as many other projects where artists and children work together to create positive change through art. For more information you can visit the whimsical, inspiring ArtBuds site, or find them on Facebook. Cheers to my new friends in Australia!


3 Comments on “ArtBuds : Making a Difference”

  1. anna says:

    What a lovely intro to the post, thanks Marcie! and you do make a great difference to kids, and us here all over the world!

  2. anna says:

    What a lovely intro to this post, thanks Marcie!

  3. alan fishman says:

    Tu sei una favolosa meravigliosa artista!!! Bravissima!!!

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