Who’s behind this blog?

I’ve been at this for a long time…

Mesmerized by the visual world. Fascinated and obsessed with objects and images. Focused on artists and people who make things.

It began, as things do, with a few seeds planted when I was a child. My father was interested in cameras and photography, and I’m grateful to him for tuning me into the world-through-a-lens.

Here I am at age 5, photographing my doll.

My father was also interested in scavenging and this made the most profound impression on me. We played a game he called “The Gutter Walk.” We split up, each walking in our own direction, eyes to the gutter, hungrily scanning the ground. After a time, we would meet back where we started, with something we had found and a story to tell. The object could be anything. A coin. A pointy pebble. A piece of wire. Something shiny. It didn’t really matter what the object actually was. What mattered was the story we told. How we reinvented what we had found. What we imagined it might be…

Where does “creativity” come from? I think it comes from play like this… a leap into the unknown and unnamed. A walk down the street with your eyes to the ground.

Decades later, I’m still walking around with my eyes to the ground. Or to the viewfinder of a camera. I live and work on the coast of Maine in a reconstructed barn with my husband, also a visual artist, and our eighteen year old son, a musician. We love to travel, and we love to make things.

For more than 25 years I’ve been a working artist, making my work, creating work for other people, and working in classrooms. In the spring of 2011, I created the fotoplay book, the first-of-its-kind photo-based prompt book. fotoplay grew out of projects I created for my students, focusing on my interest in using the photographic image as an invitation for collaboration. fotoplay inspired me to create a blog.

This Playground is a space for me to share my improvisational approach to creating projects for my students and work for myself. It’s a space to explore ideas about creativity, and what makes it flow…

Stay tuned! Lots more to come!

arte lunga, vita breve,

marcie jan bronsteinmarcie (at) marciejanbronstein (dot) com

More about me and my work:

MJB website

Center For Maine Contemporary Art

Artful Home



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  1. Awesome….Simply Awesome

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